1. Dr. K.A. Paul’s accomplishments include rescuing millions of orphans and widows around the world and in India.


2. Built the world’s largest orphanage at Paul’s Charity City near Hyderabad, India in 1100 acres with 350k sq feet facility.


3. From a child labour from 6 to 16 years of age in Chittivalsa, he became the highest-paid speaker collected 5 million USD in June 2001 but donated all 5 million to the orphans and widows on the spot in front of PM Deve Gowda.


4. 7 times nominated for Nobel Peace Prize by Indian, African other world leaders for his peace efforts.


5. Fought against most powerful corrupt leaders including George Bush, Condoleezza Rice and Natwar Singh and Sonia and YSR and Trump and successfully elected his choice of candidate’s booth in US and India.


6. The only spiritual leader who successfully united all top 7 religious leaders to work together on a common goal.


7. He has preached the peace message to over 400 million people live. The only preacher out of tens of millions never collected any offerings/ donations in his rallies around the world. Never sold a book or tapes.


8. Conducted massive peace rallies throughout the world to address the human needs confronting the local community and raising public support to resolve problems with strong community-based solutions promoting peace, security and stability and an opportunity for local people to volunteer to implement the initiatives among women children and the poor.


9. His mission identified those who have the greatest need and recruited and prepared thousands of families to adopt neglected children.


10. People of all faiths all castes and all tribes attended his peace rallies where freedom democracy honesty peaceful coexistence, as well as good moral lifestyle choices, are presented.


11. His little Teresa’s initiative offered thousands of impoverished elderly women hope, purpose and financial assistance to abandoned and widowed women as they are encouraged to emulate the life of Mother Teresa by serving the hurting and needing in their communities.


12. Established children’s homes with the help of local and national authorities with access to dozens of presidents prime ministers kings and governmental leaders who have the power to make positive changes.


13. He addressed many human rights cases of abuse and positioned authorities to help stop conflicts and war and negotiate peace between communal or tribal leaders and even countries in conflict.


14. In August 2000 former US President Bill Clinton former South African president Nelson Mandela and several African presidents met to negotiate the peace agreement between the Hutus and the Tutsis. The war between these factions had resulted in more than a million deaths the efforts of Clinton and Mandela succeeded in bringing 16 of the 19 political factions together to sign a peace accord in Burundi. A few weeks later Dr. Paul led a peace rally in Burundi. A quarter-million Hutus and Tutsis attended. Dr. Paul challenged the crowds and their political leaders to lay down their hatred and desire for revenge and take up the cause of peace. As a result, the remaining three main leaders who had earlier rejected the peace accord agreed to sign during the peace rally.


15. 1118 children orphaned as a result of genocide were adopted by local families through GPI’s Street children’s initiative.


16. Another example took place in 2001 in Lagos Nigeria this peace rally was attended by millions of people according to estimates of the media and local leadership millions of Protestants Catholics and Muslims came together to learn how to live in peace with each other and stop the killings.


17. During this time Paul also pleaded the cause of a Muslim woman who was sentenced to death and later her judgment was reversed. The peace rally was broadcast live throughout the world.


18. India and Pakistan had been belligerents since the partition of 1947 most often over the northern province of Kashmir in 2002. The world anxiously watched as two nuclear powers once again faced each other with armies massing on either side of the disputed line of control. Dr. Paul called upon the global community to fast and pray. He used his extensive political contacts behind the scenes to pursue peace and held a huge peace rally in Chennai broadcast live throughout the world reports indicated that millions attended in person over the three-day period. The parliamentary leaders in attendance felt a mighty spirit and hearts were changed the two foes Hindu and Muslims acted together to defuse the threat of clear war on the subcontinent.


19. In 2003 Dr. Paul had spent weeks in Liberia at the request of President Charles Taylor trying to help negotiate an end to 14 years of civil war. The president’s reluctance to vacate his office caused many world leaders to view him as stubborn and intractable. the United States position Marines off the coast ready to intervene. Finally after weeks of counsel with Dr. Paul, Taylor assembled six prominent African presidents and prime ministers and informed them of his decision to go into exile and asked not to fail to oversee the departure ceremonies. According to Taylor himself, it was in direct response to Dr. Paul’s intervention and counsel that he decided to step down and take up residence in exile in Nigeria. World leaders rejoiced that Liberia was entering a new phase and many tried to take credit for the fundamental change in the country’s power structure but Taylor in a strongly worded letter to the New York Times said if there’s going to be any credit given for my final decision to step down and leave the country I will say 99% of it goes to Dr. K. A. Paul alone. “I cannot watch all those people who had little or nothing to do with my decision of departure take credit for what Dr. Paul has done. I am forever grateful to him for his contribution in this difficult situation. Let the record show the facts. Let the people of Liberia understand this. Let President Bush recognize what Dr. Paul has done.”



20. As a result of Dr. Paul’s efforts the fighting and strife quickly subsided and today Liberians work toward full and equal partnership among other peaceful democratic nations.


21. Just a few months later in March 2004 Haiti once again faced a major crisis. A full-scale rebellion erupted to force the ouster of President as for decades coup after the coup had rocked more violence than any other country in the Western Hemisphere. During the same time dr. Paul was conducting a summit in Washington DC. The door to entry in Haiti was opened in June of 2003 when members of the United States Congress approached Dr. Paul to go to the war-torn country. Dr. Paul used global peace one GPI’s Boeing 747 to mount a huge humanitarian mission for the desperate nations tons of food and supplies arrived at port-au-prince. Aboard GPI’s 747 in a bold and daring intervention Dr. Paul intercepted rebel leader Guy Phillipe and hundreds of armed followers as they were advancing on port-au-prince for more than four days. Philippe walked talked and ate with Dr. Paul. He listened intently to Dr. Paul’s appeal to put their weapons aside and stop the killings. As world pressure mounted for his team to step down after receiving spiritual counsel, the chief rebel leader ordered civilian clothes to be brought to the room. He took off his military fatigues, left his guns and he told the hundreds of armed rebel followers to lay down their arms and go home. The fighting was over in a letter dated March 5th 2004: DR. Paul, I am glad you came. Thank you for your advice and for helping our people. I have committed my life to you and to God to do the right thing for our nation.



22. K. A. Paul, a village boy from India has captured the hearts and minds of hundreds of millions throughout the world.


23. Dr. Paul addressed the Washington DC Promise Keepers rally at 1.4 million the largest gathering of men in US history. He spoke to a nation’s Parliament at the invitation of several Nobel Peace Prize winners. He also spoke at Deepak Chopra’s Alliance for the new humanity.


24. But wherever he speaks, his message is always the same: love your neighbour, care for those who have no one else to care for them, give to those who can never pay you back, go beyond just wanting peace to become a peacemaker. When compassion is awakened we may even find ourselves working with an enemy to serve those even more desperate.


25. In 2005 Dr Paul organized global peace summit on 10th may 2005 in Taj Mansingh hotel attended by all major 17 Indian political party leaders including the congress party, BJP party, TDP party, and former prime Miniter Deve Gowda himself co-hosted and Dr. Paul called and recruited 25 key Kember of parliaments from all 17 parties and confirmed peace mission tour visit to meet the heads of Libyan Qadaffi, Sudan Bashir, Syrian Assad, Iran President Khatami, Venezuela Hugo Chavez, NORTH KOREAN Kim Un, Norway prime minister, and US LEADERSHIP JUST TO PROMOTE piece and stop wars. Last-minute the US Bush administration cancelled by using Sonia Gandhi and it’s government. But all of those leaders met with Dr. Paul and many Indian members of the Parliament and then US GOVERNOR MIKE HUCKABEE HOSTED STATE DINNER FOR THE INDIAN DELEGATION TO DISCUSS AND PROMOTE PEACE.


26. On July 18th, 2005 the US FAA illegally cancelled and grounded the peace plant after all those Indian members of parliament travelled from India to the middle east to Arkansas US UNTIL 18th July. Then Bush administration was scared of peace instead of war since 2005 the peace plane 747 so N4522V is grounded and parked in Tijuana Mexico.


27. In 2006 October then the US SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE Dennis Hastert invited Dr. K. A. Paul confessed his crimes with underage boys and openly accepted to resign and the Associated Press reported globally then President Bush called him and told him not to resign. Dr. Paul spoke on MSNBC AND confronted on October 6th and told that the speaker would be defeated after 3 weeks if the elections and he will end up in prison for His crimes. Speaker Dennis mastery was defeated on 3rd November 2006 after a few years of the trial he was sent to prison for many years.


28.In 2007 Dr. Paul travelled to several countries to promote peace and confirmed a major global peace summit for June 2007 agreed and co-hosted by then Indian PM MANMOHAN SIGH after he hosted Martin Luther king 3rd on 7th Jan 2007 at PM HOME IN DELHI. But in March 2007 again the Indian congress leader cancelled the peace summit which was confirmed to attend by all 7 major religious leaders and dozens of heads of state.


29. After trying to convince then Indian ruling party leader Sonia Gandhi to restore the peace mission and the global peace summit and the inspiration of Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr and K. A. Paul centre at Hyderabad Paul’s Charity city built in 1000 acres just to promote peace and help train and care for orphans and widows. That home has educated 1000’s of orphans, poor and needy children for 20 years. After Sonia Gandhi rejected to restore the peace mission Dr Paul in Jan 2008 registered a political party in India to defeat Sonia Gandhi congress party in Ap state and get power to the other parties so that the peace mission can be restored.


30. But in 2009 elections Dr Paul was threatened to be killed after his great success and congress party cancelled Dr Paul’s FCRA TO RECEIVE FOREIGN FUNDS AND DETAINED HIM SO MANY TIMES TO STOP HIS PEACE AND POLITICAL SUCCESS. IN MARCH 2009 Dr. Paul was taken by key elders after several death assassinations made on his life and he had to live underground from March to September.


31. In 2009 April Ap state elections we’re won by a narrow margin of 1% after stopping his political party to contest in April & May 2009. So many false illegal cases we’re filed against Dr Paul but all of them were proven false in the Indian courts.


32. In 2010 Dr Paul was invited to counsel the pastor Terry Jones of Florida USA which created a big mess between Christians and Muslims around the world by declaring that Terry Jones would burn Quran on 11th September 2010 the 9th anniversary of 9/11 US TERRORIST ATTACKS IN New York & DC. After many governments including the Vatican and US failed, DR PAUL was called to meet secretly pastor Terry Jones on the 9th &10th of September for 27 hours and Dr Paul prayed with pastor terry Jones and confronted him not to burn the Quran.


33. Pastor Terry who knew of Dr paul’s peace and gospel efforts shocked the world by announcing on the global media that he listened and prayed with Dr. Paul and he would no longer burn the queen on 11th September and travelled to New York to a secret location arranged by Dr. Paul. So peace broke again and the billions of both Christian and Muslims were happy and many congratulated k Paul for his successful peace mission.


34. April 2010 Dr. Paul’s visit to Nigeria and met both Muslim leaders and the Nigerian president to stop the killings and helped Prez Goodluck Jonathan to reform the government and do everything to stop the extremist killings in his Nigeria. Dr Paul conducted peace submit a prayer meeting and concealing terrorists during those 39 days until calm and peace were created.


35. 2010 Sudan leader visit to charity city to meet and invite Dr. Paul to promote peace between North Muslim Sudan and south Christian Sudan. The senior leader’s Group of 10 led by Government Minister Mt Ahmed Abdul Rehman in November 2010 and then invited by Sudan president Bashir on 1st December 2010 and Dr. Paul spent till July 9th, 2011 negotiating peace advising political, spiritual leaders of Sudan and coordinating with the concerned world leaders until peacefully North Sudan and South Sudan on 9th July 2011. Dr. Paul was then nominated for the Nobel peace prize by the North Sudan Government for helping peace talks and President Bashir and both Vice President regular meetings during those 7 months.



36. Dr K A. Paul promoted peace instead of religion therefore all 7 major religious leaders around the world including his own nation partnered with him which is unheard of.


37. He fought against bribery, caste system, corruption and honour killings in India and setting an example himself, he married an untouchable.


38. In 2011 Dr. Paul’s old friend Qaddafi the leader of Libya invited Dr Paul to negotiate peace between the USA and Libya and between the African Union, Nato nations, and united nations. Dr. Paul who was hosted by Libyan leader Qaddafi several times in the last many years was the trusted man for him. After months of talks by Dr. Paul with President Obama and other world leaders, Gaddaffi signed a peace agreement at the request of Dr Paul and was ready to leave the country and do whatever it takes. Dr. Paul spent 27 days in Libya but Hilary Clinton refused to make peace with Qaddafi and declared war against Libya, as a result, millions of people suffered and 100’s of thousands died and Libya is hell today.


39. In 2014 Dr Paul campaigned for 4 state chief ministers of Odisha, Tamil nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and all 4 chief ministers and the Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi all have won landslide victories but sadly all have broken their promises and did not restore the peace mission of Dr Paul to lead the world for peace and prosperity.


40. In 2016 Donald Trump, Dr Paul’s former friend since 2002, who attended Dr Paul’s peace rally and summit In The USA, requested Dr. Paul to support him and promised peace and prosperity in the world. Because of Hilary’s support for the Iraq war and her role in Libya and Syria war which caused destruction, Dr. Paul believed Hilary would be the worst person to promote peace. Therefore Dr. Paul played key role convincing then FBI Director Jake Comey through Rudy Giuliani to open an investigation against Hilary Clinton for her Libya and other crimes which Comey did 11 days before the 2016 elections which made Trump win the election. But sadly like most politicians, Trump betrayed Dr. Paul and gone the other way to ruin global peace and create racial divisions and supported the top 5 dictators of the world instead of democracies. Dr. Paul warned Trump several times but Trump failed to repent. Dr. Paul them wrote a book “Save America and the World from Trump” and then Biden won by 45000 votes in 3 swing states. Many estimate Dr. Paul’s free e-book to millions of people and videos and along with strategies had helped Biden win very narrowly.


41. Dr. Paul does dozens of peace rallies, summits and meetings annually which is impossible to write in a few pages. Dr. Paul believes that is time for the world population to welcome clean leaders to contest in political elections to end the corruption of the world.

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