GPI Aviation

By creating an aviation arm to its organization, GPI Aviation serves to foster the overall humanitarian efforts of GPI’s team and the work of governments and other NGO’s. To that end, GPI acquired and refurbished a remarkable V.I.P. Boeing 747-SP aircraft entitled “Global Peace One” which is dedicated fully to peace missions and humanitarian/ disaster relief and can respond to global crises in matter of hours, not days.


By utilizing the graciousness of in-kind gifts of skilled professional aviation, technical and ground teams, GPI can fly cost efficiently. A combination of volunteer and paid staff on the GPI Aviation Team can prepare, load and deliver over 76,000 pounds of cargo and board up to 99 doctors/nurses or other critical relief staff from the United States to places like India, Indonesia, Europe, Africa or Japan without stopping to refuel.


The plane has been used as a first responder to the 2003 massive earthquake in Iran that killed 30,000 people; the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that killed 230,000, delivering pallets of life-saving medicines and dozens of doctors, nurses and aid workers.


Unlike Air Force One 747 which requires a very long runway to land, GPI’s Global Peace One 747-SP has the ability to land on shorter runways enabling this massive plane to serve throughout the third world. The speed of this Boeing aircraft cuts flight times and the lead times for emergency relief.


By availing Global Peace One to world leaders, GPI can facilitate shuttle diplomacy with peacemakers from various regions of the planet. GPI sees the Global Peace One and other aspects of GPI Aviation as a way to share an asset with the corporate and NGO world to achieve positive goals for mankind.


GPI welcomes your interest in partnering with us in underwriting, using and sharing this remarkable aviation equipment. Equipped with 99 first class seats, a conference area that seats 14, sleeping quarters and first class air to ground communications, this aircraft is one of-a-kind for intercontinental flight. Give us a call to learn more.

Flight Crew

Global Peace Initiative hires professional and experienced flight crews who share their skills with us at a discounted rate. This allows us to fly cost effectively.


Our plane offers some of the same comforts and amenities political leader have come to expect from professional organizations.


Our plane can hold up to 76,000 lbs of cargo and can hold up to 99 relief personnel.

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