Charity City

Charity City isn’t just a place…it’s a successful template for facilities and programs that can be replicated in diverse countries and cultures around the world. Funds are being raised to build 120 Charity Cities in 120 of the most needy countries and places on our planet.


Based on the success of GPI’s 325,000 square foot Charity City outside of Hyderabad, India—a Charity City is designed as a multi-purpose facility that incorporates a large capacity orphanage and school to house up to 1,000 children. It also contains a separate training center to house and train widows who are completing training as Little Teresa’s.


The construction and operation of these cities also provides stimulus to local economies and employment/volunteer opportunities with the alliances of other organizations. The charity city concept also helps build trust and grassroots allegiance with locals as GPI reaches out to local leaders to embrace peace and cooperation.


Following the model of “teaching a man to fish” GPI’s Charity Cities are adaptable to country, terrain, and culture. The programming at the “cities” will always contain a full compliment of education, adult education and vocational training. An emphasis on micro-entrepreneurship is emphasized as well. Each city will endeavor to be as self-sufficient as possible with an emphasis on clean water initiatives and agriculture.GPI is seeking host communities and donors that can underwrite the cost of land acquisition, construction, and programming.


Numerous dignitaries in the past have visited the Charity City model in Hyderabad and have testified to its uniqueness, cost effectiveness, and success in rescuing precious lives and preparing people for productive lives.


GPI’s Charity City in Hyderabad India is a multi-purpose; 325,000 square foot facility that was designed to serve orphans, widows, and train poorest of the poor in job and life skills that can support them. GPI’s intent is to replicate this model facility and the job and life skills programs in divers countries and cultures around the world.

Largely as a result of global conflict,
Did you know?

One billion people have little or no access to quality, reliable, clean water.

One billion people have virtually no access to medical attention.

In countries like India, widows of all ages are considered by religious and political factions “untouchables” and forced to beg for basic sustenance. (An estimated one million of them attempt suicide each year.)

Poor nutrition and inadequate prenatal care contributes to low birth weight in 20 millions each year and daily 1,400 women and girls die from childbearing related causes.


Dr. Paul has dedicated his life to rescuing street children and orphans of impoverished countries starting with those in India. Thousands of orphans who would have otherwise been sold into slavery have been fed, housed and educated at GPI’s Charity City; and 10’s of thousands more adopted out through GPI’s rallies throughout the third world.


In addition to providing for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of orphans at Charity City, GPI also provides them with a top quality education to better equip them to enter the work world and to help them be more productive citizens.


GPI has rescued widows by the thousands, not simply by providing them food and a monthly stipend, but training them to become “Little Theresa’s” who return to serve the needs of their communities, thus giving them a higher purpose and restoring their dignity

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