Emergency Relief

When emergency needs are created by natural or man-made disasters’ GPI’s goal is to be among the first to offer help. Emergencies—including earthquakes, cyclones, fires, refugee crises created by war and other political situations—are forcing people around the world to live in unbearably substandard conditions. We are prepared to provide immediate aid including food, medicine, shelter and personnel in emergency situations. Our growing relationships with governing officials throughout the developing world, and our recent gift of a Boeing 747—the Global Peace Ambassador—places us in a unique position to carry out significant humanitarian aid as needed. A catastrophic typhoon hit Orissa, India in August 1999. GPI quickly mobilized a tent city to rescue and place thousands of children orphaned by the storm. The GPI emergency rescue effort was profiled by Dan Rather on CBS Evening News November 24, 1999.


GPI staff, coordinators, and volunteers were at work providing food, water, emergency medical aid and shelter within hours of the January 26, 2001 earthquake in Gujurat, India. After the terrorists’ attack on the United States on September 11, 2001, GPI set up an office in New York the next day which worked closely with the New York Police Department providing highly specialized equipment to help the searchers in their efforts.


The Global Peace Ambassador airplane was used as a first responder to the 2003 massive earthquake in Iran that killed 30,000 people; the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that killed 230,000, delivering pallets of life-saving medicines and dozens of doctors, nurses and aid workers.

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