Dr. KA Paul
President, Global Peace Intiative

Commonly known as K.A. Paul, he has been called “the 8th wonder of the world” by many because it is beyond human imagination how a small, indigent, Indian village boy could possibly become “the world’s most popular evangelist” as described by many, including the New Republic Magazine in a cover story in May 2004, and repeated thereafter by many media outlets. He is frequently called “The  Modern Day Gandhi.”

Five years after initiating an effort to rescue street children, Dr. Paul met Mother Teresa who changed his life forever. Through this selfless, caring woman, he realized the unlimited potential of just one committed individual to change lives, social structures, and entire nations for the better.


Out of that encounter a simple mission was born: bring peace to the world through the Prince of Peace and serving others. Fully embracing that mission, Dr. Paul dedicated himself to serving others—particularly those suffering because of economic, social, political, or natural conditions beyond their control. His clarion call of service to others and peace through the Prince of Peace has grown into a worldwide grassroots movement spanning 148 countries and all religions. Hundreds of world leaders, including presidents and prime ministers, legislators, and governors have heeded his call and joined his various initiatives over the years to dignify every human being with lives of peace, health, opportunity and security.


U.S. Congressmen, Senators, and Governors as well as dozens of Indian Members of Parliament, African Presidents and more have all traveled throughout the third world with Paul serving as Peace Ambassadors. The number of people who personally hear Dr. Paul’s simple yet radical message of true peace and service to one’s neighbor has grown to millions annually and his audience of peace seekers has reached historic proportions.


Unlike far too many world figures, Paul lives a humble life in a small, inexpensive neighborhood home located in the Houston, TX, suburbs with his wife and three children. His ultimate goal remains rescuing as many widows and orphans as possible.

He was nominated several times for the Nobel Peace Prize, the most recent nomination being in 2021. In 2018 Norway News called him the “8th Wonder of the World.”

The U.K. Independent called him the “Most Successful Evangelist.”
Fox News has labeled him as a “Renowned Peacemaker.”
New York Times has dubbed him as a “Next Billy Graham.”

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