World Leader Statements

Countless world leaders, including presidents and prime ministers, legislators, and governors have heeded Dr. Paul and GPI’s call and joined various initiatives over the years to dignify every human being with lives of peace, health, opportunity and security.

Office of Former Prime Minister, India H.D. Deve Gowda

I am honored to write you today concerning D. K.A. Paul and Global Peace Initiative. GPI is a non-political, non-religious and non-profit organization headed by Dr. Paul of which I am a member of the Board of Directors.

Vice President BJP Party, India Parshottam Rupala

I’ve enjoyed traveling with Dr. K.A. Paul as a Global Peace Ambassador to promote peace around the world. I am in support of Dr. Paul’s peace initiative, “Save Israel and Save the Middle East.”

Former Governor Arkansas and Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee

Dr. K.A. Paul leads a remarkable international relief organization that I have had the opportunity to observe first hand both in the United States and in India.

(The late) Nelson Bunker Hunt Former American Oil Executive

I have no question that GPI will succeed in taking millions of street children off the streets, rescuing millions of widows, and providing medical assistance and clean drinking water to millions of poor people….I strongly endorse GPI and encourage you to do what you can to enable this extraordinary effort.

Dr. Walter Harber U.S. Businessman

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the most unique man that I have ever met, Dr. K.A. Paul, I am honored to have served on his Board of Directors and taken trips to Third World Countries. I’ve experienced, first hand, the impressive results of this extraordinary man.

Jim Lindsey U.S. Businessman

I personally am thrilled to support 1,000 of these Little Teresa’s each month to help change their communities. I strongly endorse Global Peace Initiative and the work of Dr. K.A. Paul, and encourage you to be a part of this very rewarding effort.

Leader of Telugu Desam Parliamentary party K. Yerannaidu M.P

I am pleased to write to you concerning Dr. K.A. Paul and Global Peace Initiative. I had the privilege of speaking to a massive television audience and before hundreds of thousands at one of Dr. Paul’s Peace Rallies.

Phil Cohn U.S. Businessman

It has been my deepest pleasure to personally know Dr. K.A. Paul for the last 5 years, and to serve on his Board of Directors for 4 years.

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