Little Teresa's

Hundreds of thousands of impoverished, elderly women have taken the vow to become a “Little Teresa.” Of that number; GPI has provided a small monthly stipend that would meet their most basic needs for more than 52,000. The Little Teresa’s initiative has offered impoverished, elderly women hope, purpose, and in cases of extreme need, financial assistance. These abandoned or widowed women are then encouraged to emulate the life of Mother Teresa by serving the hurting and needy in their community. Our goal is to support 10,000,000 Little Teresa’s around the world during the next four years. Further plans include building housing for homeless widows adjacent to our children’s homes, so the women can work with the children and provide the love, care and support that will benefit both the Little Teresa and the resident children.


GPI’s Little Teresa’s Program has helped turn the hopelessness and suicide attempts of widows from around the world into smiles and hope of service and peace. Shown here is a proud new Little Teresa at her graduation ceremony at GPI’s Charity City in Hyderabad, India. Over the years GPI supported 52,000 Little Teresa’s worldwide and hopes to support millions more in the years ahead.

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