Peace Rallies

Over the years GPI has conducted massive Peace Rallies throughout the world from Argentina to Zambia. During these Peace Rallies our initiatives are explained and launched. These rallies have allowed GPI to address the human needs confronting the community and garner public support to resolve these problems with strong community-based solutions. This in turn promotes peace, security and stability among the population while providing and opportunity for them to volunteer the human resources needed to implement the initiatives. In short, we create a significant base of support for the initiatives among women, children, and the poor.


The immense Peace Rallies also have given us ready access to presidents, prime ministers, kings and governmental leaders who have the power to make positive changes for their constituents. Human rights abuses are addressed with a view to creating a better, more equitable society. Through these contacts, we are often positioned to help stop conflicts and war and negotiate peace between communal or tribal leaders and even countries in conflict. In major cities and small tribal villages throughout the developing world, communities are gathering together to discuss how they can meet the challenges facing their less fortunate neighbors.


The solutions are positive and far-reaching, proudly owned and directed by the local volunteers who are determined to help their community.

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