Starting Over

Many children in developing countries face the worst imaginable abuse and exploitation—they are kidnapped and sold into prostitution. Sometimes they are taken hundreds of miles from their homes and they cannot communicate to find their way back home. GPI has designed a program to rescue these children and teens from a life of utter despair by providing homes where the victims’ basic needs are met, while they receive training to acquire new vocational and life skills. In this way, we enable them to support themselves and escape the prostitution rings. Over the years some have even been able to trace their way back home.


Investing in these children who have no one to love, support or encourage them is a very significant investment in our own future. Tragically, it is this population of directionless street children that generates most of the criminal element in the developing countries. It is also fertile breeding grounds for future terrorists. Helping them now can change the course of history!


Millions of our planet’s children are orphans. GPI has been going to the streets to rescue these precious children and give them a home, hope, and a future. Over the years the children at GPI’s Charity City have had a future filled with school, opportunity, love and hope.

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