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Global Peace Initiative is unique among the world’s peace and humanitarian organizations.


Global Peace Initiative (GPI) is devoted to mobilizing grassroots movements within communities—especially those in developing countries—to resolve conflicts and local human crises\ with practical, community-based solutions.


Inspired by the work of Dr. K. A. Paul, GPI vigorously champions human dignity by creating ongoing initiatives that inspire local support for suffering people—especially women and children—who are victims of social, economic, cultural, political, or natural destructive forces. Through public peace rallies, education, and a challenging call to serve, Dr. Paul inspires and fortifies the conscience of the community, encouraging them to embrace and aid their most vulnerable residents. The resulting unprecedented groundswell of involvement by millions of concerned people quickly and radically changes the suffering and the conditions that caused it in the first place.


The strategy of GPI is not superficial or political; it is simple—yet radical. GPI intends to unleash a powerful concert of human spirits moving collectively to create an avalanche of good to displace evil, love to overcome hate, and compassionate service to ease suffering.

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