Dr. KA Paul's letter to the Honorable Chief Justice of India, Supreme Court to Summon Russian Embassador to India

Dr KA paul filed writ petition today in the Supreme Court of India. Requesting Hon’ble CJI Ramana ji to issue notices to the Union government of India to act quickly to Stop most dangerous Russia/ Ukraine War. Please read the petition, Dr paul will address about Indian budget and the state of the Indian disasters economy.

Fight Against FCRA Cancellation of Mother Teresa's MOC & 6000 NGO's

Join Dr. KA Paul’s fight against FCRA cancellation of Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity (MOC) and save India’s 6000 NGO’s & 100’s of thousands of staff and Millions of much needy people. The most popular woman in history, Saint Mother Teresa (my good friend while alive) is praying from heaven and 4 billion Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs also praying for her charity and other charities to have FCRA renewal by the Home Ministry. Join me in prayers 

Dr KA Paul with Mother Teresa
Global Peace Intiative (GPI)

Global Peace Initiative seeks to foster world peace by empowering people worldwide to embrace their most vulnerable neighbours like widows and orphans and to change the conditions causing their suffering.


GPI endeavors to resolve local conflict by providing direct and immediate humanitarian relief and by instituting innovative and indigenous programming centers on every continent.

Dr. KA Paul's letter to the Home Minister Amit Shah on 26th, Dec, 2021

Dr. Paul’s Letter reads:

I am writing this letter for you to take immediate action as home minister of India to restore and renew Mother Teresa organization foreign contribution regulation act. As you know my charity permissions have been cancelled in 2007 by the congress party for which I supported and campaigned for your party since 2007 in Karnataka state election till 2014 PM Modi Ji, national election victory. But till today you have not restored my FCRA which stopped feeding and helping millions of the poorest of the poor irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

All 7 different major religious leaders of India still support me in my peace and charity mission. Myself as a friend and follower of mother Teresa till, she died in 1997 continued training 4 million widows all over the world as little Teressas in honor of Mother Teresa. She never converted any one from Hinduism to Christianity which I also preach and practice for the last 30 years. So please without delay renew her missionaries of charity to revive foreign funds. I know you would do it. Please do not allow the RSS Hindutva extremist agenda which is ruining our great country’s image globally and starving millions of the poor and needy Indians by blocking foreign donations. Please ask your Sandeep to email me at kapaul747@yahoo.com as soon as you renew her charity today or tomorrow.

As a global peace president who stood United all major 7 different religious leaders all over the world to maintain and promote peace, it is my duty to request you to do the needful within hours without delay for the sake of justice, peace and prosperity of ALL Indians.

Amit Ji, our relationship is special as you know. Praying for you and God bless you.

A Global Peace & Prayer Rally from New York, USA to the World will be held September 25th, 2021.

On his birthday, Dr. K.A. Paul will deliver a hopeful message to the nations of peace, love, unity, and prosperity.

Acknowledging that millions have died due to Corona virus over the past 20 months with billions more adversely affected, great physical, emotional, and spiritual healing is desperately needed for individuals, families, communities, and nations so affected.


Known as the “modern day Gandhi” and “world’s most popular evangelist”, Dr.Paul intends to reach out to his billion followers gathered over the span of his life of humanitarian and peace work to encourage each one to reach 7 more so that as close as the 8 billion people of the world as possible might be reached within weeks with this unique and hopeful message: That good is more powerful than evil; that love is more powerful than hatred; and that truth is more powerful than lies.


Either virtually or in person on September 25th, Dr. Paul will be joined by 7 different major religious leaders including Hindus, Muslims, Christians, and Jews.


Paul points out that unnecessarily broad and ongoing wars have cost taxpayers trillions of dollars that have plunging once-strong economies into unsustainable debt, killed millions, and created even more terrorists along with 100’s of millions of refugees. As a man of peace, Dr. Paul states, “It is heartbreaking and beyond imagination to see such wholesale death and destruction.” He adds, “It is high time to Save America, India, and the world.”

Dr. KA Paul
President, Global Peace Intiative

Commonly known as K.A. Paul, he has been called “the 8th wonder of the world” by many because it is beyond human imagination how a small, indigent, Indian village boy could possibly become “the world’s most popular evangelist” as described by many, including the New Republic Magazine in a cover story in May 2004, and repeated thereafter by many media outlets.


He is frequently called “The  Modern Day Gandhi.”

He was nominated several times for the Nobel Peace Prize, the most recent nomination being in 2021. In 2018 Norway News called him the “8th Wonder of the World.”
The U.K. Independent called him the “Most Successful Evangelist.”
Fox News has labeled him as a “Renowned Peacemaker.”
New York Times has dubbed him as a “Next Billy Graham.”
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Mission Statement
Global Peace Intiative (GPI)

Global Peace Initiative seeks to foster world peace by empowering people worldwide to embrace their most vulnerable neighbors like widows and orphans and to change the conditions causing their suffering.


GPI endeavors to resolve local conflict by providing direct and immediate humanitarian relief and by instituting innovative and indigenous programming centers on every continent.

Global Peace Intiative (GPI)
Bringing Lasting Peace to Families, Communities and Nations.

Charity Cities

Charity City isn’t just a place…it’s a successful template for facilities and programs that can be replicated in diverse countries and cultures around the world. Funds are being raised to build 120 Charity Cities in 120 of the most needy countries and places on our planet...


1. Dr. K.A. Paul’s accomplishments include rescuing millions of orphans and widows around the world and in India. 2. Built the world’s largest orphanage at Paul’s Charity City near Hyderabad, India in 1100 acres with 350k sq feet facility...


1. To place 10 million street orphans in private homes and orphanages. 2. Recruit and fund 10 million widows to become Little Teresa’s. 3.Build 120 Charity Cities in 120 of the most needy countries...

Largely as a result of global conflict,
Did you know?

One billion people have little or no access to quality, reliable, clean water.

One billion people have virtually no access to medical attention.

In countries like India, widows of all ages are considered by religious and political factions “untouchables” and forced to beg for basic sustenance. (An estimated one million of them attempt suicide each year.)

Poor nutrition and inadequate prenatal care contributes to low birth weight in 20 millions each year and daily 1,400 women and girls die from childbearing related causes.


Dr. Paul has dedicated his life to rescuing street children and orphans of impoverished countries starting with those in India. Thousands of orphans who would have otherwise been sold into slavery have been fed, housed and educated at GPI’s Charity City; and 10’s of thousands more adopted out through GPI’s rallies throughout the third world.


In addition to providing for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of orphans at Charity City, GPI also provides them with a top quality education to better equip them to enter the work world and to help them be more productive citizens.


GPI has rescued widows by the thousands, not simply by providing them food and a monthly stipend, but training them to become “Little Theresa’s” who return to serve the needs of their communities, thus giving them a higher purpose and restoring their dignity

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